For over 12 years Elysian Construction has been Minnesota’s master installer of cedar shake roofs to Minnesota homes. Our qualified cedar shake installation crew are truly masters of the art of removing and installing cedar to all types of structures. Our portfolio of cedar shake roof installs spans from the shores of Lake Minnetonka, to the heart of North Oaks, to a classic Kenwood colonial home.

At Elysian Construction we appreciate the classic elegance of a cedar shake roof. We understand the longevity a cedar shake roof brings to a home. We understand that a well installed and well cared cedar shake roof should span through generations.

Every great cedar shake roof starts with the most premium material. We use the highest quality of cedar shakes available on the market. We source these shakes from the world’s most premium mills from the United States and Canada and install these shakes to Minnesota homes. All of our cedar shake has been certified and carries the industry’s longest warranties.

The Installation Process of Cedar Shake To Minnesota Homes

Our cedar shake installation crews are craftsman’s at the installation of cedar shake roofing to Minnesota homes. They are specifically training in the installation of the material and have hundreds of hours of experience specifically with cedar shake roof installation. In all roofing systems, we create proper ventilation to allow the cedar to breathe since this is essential for longevity. Our nails and accessories are made of the most premium material so they last for years to come. Each shingle is applied by hand with great care. Our head project manager inspects every project and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

Storm Damage Restoration to Minnesota Cedar Shake Roofs

Elysian Construction is experts in the storm damage restoration to cedar shake roofs on Minnesota Homes. We have helped many Minnesota homeowners through the storm damage restoration process and the full replacement of their cedar shake roof.

  • First we provide a storm damage inspection and educate a homeowner on the storm damage to their home.
  • Second, we assist with the insurance claims process and work directly with their insurance company to ensure that everything on the exterior of the property that is damaged is not overlooked.
  • Third, we order the most premium cedar shake and manage the installation of the new roofing system. Our goal is to ensure that the construction process is as flawless as possible and to provide excellent customer services throughout the process.

Contact us today to schedule a free cedar shake roof inspection and one of our senior cedar shake experts can provide a full exterior inspection of your cedar shake roofing system.