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Elysian Construction had the expertise to install all types of windows. We work with the leading window manufacturers so you have an extensive variety of window styles, sizes and materials to choose from.

We will work with you to find the perfect replacement windows that fit with your home’s aesthetic and make your house more comfortable. Window replacement can  help with energy efficiency, often saving a homeowner hundreds of dollars every year.

Our window installers are trustworthy,  specifically trained in the proper installation, and can help process any warranty requests should they arise.


We secure your home from the elements with top-notch siding and windows that are right for your house.

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Window Installation Process

  • Measure

    Measure properly to insure we order the right sized window to fit your space.

  • Remove

    Carefully remove the old window and any necessary window accessories.

  • Prepare

    We will properly prepare the opening for the installation of the new window.

  • Secure

    Position and secure the new window to sustain normal framework movement. We will double check that the window is level and corners are at a exact 90 degree angle so it is able to function properly.

  • Finishing

    Install proper flashing and caulking is to provide superior insulation and air-tightness against Minnesota’s harsh weather conditions.

  • Inspection

    Once the installation is complete, we will do a full inspection to ensure the window and installation meets our standards. Our installers can answer any questions you may have regarding your new windows and make recommendations on how to maintain the product.

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