Choosing the right siding for your home in Minnesota is an important decision. You have to consider the aesthetics, the type of material used, and the different benefits of each material. Not all siding contractors can offer high-quality siding installation or siding repair services.

A siding project is an investment that will enhance the look of your home and increase its value in the long run. Before hiring a contractor, be sure to know facts that can help you make a good and well-informed decision. Look for a respectable contractor with proper certification, excellent craftsmanship, years of experience, and outstanding customer testimonials. Be wary of scammers who are out to rip you off of your hard-earned money.


If you search for siding contractors in Minneapolis, the Twin Cities area, Maple Grove, Saint Paul, or any other city in Minnesota, you will find many results. However, it is not easy to choose from all the online options. These companies provide different types of siding materials from various siding manufacturers. Which exterior remodelling company should you choose?

The siding on your home serves a functional aspect and an aesthetic aspect. It has a curb appeal, but it also provides priceless protection against harsh elements. Once your siding is already damaged and old, you have to replace it with a professional contractor. Siding replacement requires knowledge, expertise, experience, and the proper tools and materials to finish the job.

When hiring a contractor to provide you with quality siding services, do your due diligence and find one to match your needs. Many scammers do not have the proper credentials to provide top-quality work. Do not waste money on your home improvement project. Get a home improvement company that can provide you with quality service.

When to Replace Your Siding

Before you spend money on a new project, take a moment to determine if there is a need. It is in your best interest to find out issues in your home and have them fixed before they create more significant problems. An outdated siding can potentially cause issues in your home, but before you call a contractor, here are tell-tale signs you need to:

Obvious Visible Damage

Storm and hail damage can be devastating. The water and the impact of ice can cause cracks and dents all over your house. A siding repair can take care of minor dents or cracks, but multiple dents, cracks, and rotting require replacement. You may also have to get your roof and windows replaced if the damage is massive.

Oxidation and Water Leaks

Inspect the condition of the siding from the outside. If the siding has a chalky texture and leaves white residue on your fingers, it may have succumbed to oxidation. Years of exposure to the sun, wind, and rain can cause this to happen. On the inside of the house, check the wallpapers for signs of water leaks. If the wallpapers are bubbling, it may indicate that water from the outside may be trapped inside walls causing damage. There are signs that you need replacement.

Frequent Maintenance

Cracks, peels, and chips on the siding must be painted regularly to prevent further damage. Although occasional maintenance is good, frequent maintenance may signify that you need to replace your siding. You have to weigh your options in terms of money. If repairs cost more in the long run than replacing the siding entirely, your best bet is to opt for replacement.

High Energy Consumption

Sidings that are in good condition should save you money on energy bills. When your siding has been compromised, drafts can enter your home and lead to high heating and cooling costs. Although added insulation may help, damaged siding should be replaced immediately to prevent further energy expenses. With a brand new siding, you can expect moisture and drafts to stay out of your home and reduce your energy consumption.

Increase House Value

If you plan to sell your home soon, you can increase its value significantly by replacing your old siding. It would help if you also considered getting replacement windows or a new front door. As long as your home’s exterior and interior are aesthetic and in great shape, you can get a reasonable price when selling it to potential buyers. Remember that the first thing people see is the exterior of the house. They will not even consider entering your home if it looks dull and ugly on the outside.

How to Find and Hire Top Siding Contractors

When you plan to replace your siding, you need to know your options to make informed decisions. Remember that your house’s curb appeal is based mainly on the sidings. It can impact the appearance of your home, as well as its durability. Before you go ahead and decide which contractor to hire, here are some tips to consider:

Ask for Referrals

It is more likely that your friends, family, and neighbors know someone they can recommend to you. Perhaps your neighbors recently had their siding replaced. You can ask them about their experience with the general contractor, how much they paid, and whether they had delivered what they promised within the given time and budget. You can also inspect the contractor’s work by checking out your neighbor’s home. Never be satisfied with word of mouth. You have to see proof as well.

Go Online

Most companies today are online. You can easily search their portfolio, know about their location, prices, and other details on their websites. You can also do this with referrals. Check out their website and see what they say about their services. Next, check out online reviews from past customers. Read reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, and other similar websites. Determine their BBB rating as well.

Get A Free Estimate

Reputable companies will provide you with a free estimate on your siding project. They come to your home, do an inspection, review the specifications and requirements, and provide you with a free estimate. Consider the estimate and determine if it matches your expectations and budget. If the estimate is too low, clarify. Be wary of very low estimates because you may have to pay extras later.

Ask for References

Sometimes online reviews do not give you enough information. Ask the company for references that you can call or contact, specifically customers they have recently worked in the past. You can call the references and ask about details of the project, such as the accuracy, timeline, cost, durability, and customer service. You can also ask permission to visit the homes of the references if they allow you to.

Check out Pictures of Recently Completed Projects

Some companies provide updated photos and videos of recent projects on their websites or social media accounts. You can base your decisions on the pictures or videos you see. You can get an idea of which types of materials will best fit the looks of your home. If you do not want to inspect and invade the privacy of previous customers, photos and videos of completed projects will suffice.

Get Things in Writing

Never transact with a contractor unless everything is in writing. The contract must include job details, terms, exceptions, and price. The contractor should also indicate a guarantee of workmanship. Whether for siding, storm group roofing, storm damage repair, or roof repair, always have the terms in writing before working with a contractor.

Learn About the Paperwork

There are necessary permits required before you can have home repairs done in your house. Be sure to clarify if the contractor will get the permits done or do the responsibility yourself. Fortunately, many contractors will go the extra mile and apply for the required permits as an added service for customers. 

Ask for the Payment Plan

Reputable home exterior companies do not ask for the total price of the entire project upfront. There should be an easy payment plan that you can agree upon to protect yourself. Usually, the downpayment is around 20% of the final quote. If a contractor asks for a full or very high upfront payment, it may be a scam. Never transact with such contractors, even if they charge you at low prices for their services. 

Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Whether you plan to install a new vinyl siding, wood siding, steel siding, or fiber cement siding, you have to find an extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy company that can provide you with the correct answers to common questions about siding installation. Not every company can provide you with the excellent craftsmanship that your house needs. Hence, the company has to explain the process to you and answer your questions for your complete pleasure.

As a homeowner, it is your right to ask questions and know what construction solutions are involved in the project. The same principle applies to any construction endeavor, whether for installing a new roof, a roof replacement, or a garage door installation. As a client, you have the right to know what specific details are implicated in the contract. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the siding company.

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

How many years have you been in the siding business?

A siding or roofing job is not something to be taken lightly. Hence, it is relevant that the contractor and his siding crew or roofing crew have been in the business for many years. They should have more than adequate training as well. Contractors need to know how to manage a project to ensure success. It takes resources and years of experience to get to that level.

Where is your local office?

Even if you are dealing with a nationwide presence company, it is best to work with one that has an office in your immediate locality. It is beneficial for you to work with a contractor you know can visit anytime you have questions or issues. If a company is far from your location, that can be problematic. You may be dealing with someone who can scam you or rip you off.

Can I get a free estimate?

Reputable companies come to look at your home and evaluate a potential project for free. You do not have to pay for it because that should be part of the company’s sales process before you enter into a negotiation or contract. The contractor will ask you questions to determine your objectives and preferences to develop a detailed plan for your project. However, a contractor can only come up with the proper estimate by accessing your home.

What will the bid include?

The final bid provides you with detailed information about the job. It should include an itemized list of materials and services with corresponding prices. Other optional products and services should be included with their related prices. Bids typically specify the timeline to give you an idea who much time it will take to finish. If you have any questions about the offer, you should always ask the contractor to explain it to you.

What warranties are included?

Top-quality siding products come with varying warranties, and the contractor should be aware of them. It would be best if you asked this question to be knowledgeable about the products they use. Also, ask for the guarantee of their workmanship. You should not shy away from requesting this information to ensure that when the installation has been finished within a period, you can call the contractor to fix any issues if there are any.

Are you insured?

A trustworthy contractor should be working with an insurance company to cover workman’s compensation and accidents. Request for proof of insurance as much as possible. Whenever an accident occurs on your property, the contractor’s insurance company would be responsible for paying incurred damages or medical bills.

How do you resolve complaints and issues?

It is optimistic to say that no issues will arise. However, you have to be on your guard at all times. If a problem occurs after installation, you should know who to call to resolve the matter. Any reputable company knows how to handle complaints and issues when they arise. 

Will you handle the required permits?

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to acquire the required permits for home repairs. Nevertheless, it is time-consuming for some people to do this independently. Fortunately, many companies can handle the paperwork for you as part of their service.

Who does the cleanup?

The contractor’s responsibility is to clean the waste and debris from the job site. They should collect the nails, metal scraps, and other waste materials from your property before you can say excellent job, superb job, or outstanding job! A finished project is not finished until everything has been cleaned up.

Popular Types of Siding to Consider

There are various siding options on the marketplace, but isn’t it easier to consider the most popular choices? Many of these popular choices are cost-effective and have been time-tested. You can compare each of them to the others and see which one fits your home perfectly.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular type because it is highly versatile and affordable. It comes in a wide range of styles, colors, shapes, and textures. They can mimic the color combination of wood, shingles, and other popular designs. Each square foot typically ranges from about $3 to $8, including labor. Vinyl is low maintenance and can last for 50 years with proper care.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is an elegant option in different styles, textures, and finishes. It is costlier at around $3 to $14 per square foot, but it does provide your house with an elegant design. However, it does require an exterior finish such as paint or stain to become durable. It has to be painted or stained regularly to prevent moisture damaging its interior. 

Fiber Cement Siding

When fiber cement is installed correctly, it looks like natural wood. It is pretty durable but is more expensive than other options. It sells for around $10 per square foot. Nonetheless, the material is worth the money. It is low maintenance, extremely durable, does not rot, and can last for 50 years. 

Metal Siding

There is a wide range of metal sidings, as well. They come in different styles, such as panels, shingles, and vertical strips. Aluminum sidings are around $3 to $6 per square foot, while uncoated steel costs around $4 to $8 for every square foot. Both aluminum and steel are low maintenance, but they are susceptible to denting. 

Insulated Siding

If you are looking for vinyl siding that can help you save money on energy bills, this is it. It has an insulating layer made of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). It keeps the air in to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. It can reportedly increase your home’s energy efficiency by a whopping 20% more. 

Of course, there are more than five types of siding options out there, but you have to talk with your contractor to determine the best fit for your home. You have to consider your budget as well.

Minneapolis Siding Contractors

Many contractors in Minneapolis, MN but not all have craftsmanship and experience that can provide you with satisfaction. At Elysian Construction, we guarantee top-quality siding service. We have trained technicians who can install any siding.

We work with our customers to find the best siding style that fits their home’s aesthetic. Our trustworthy installers are not only trained to install sidings properly but to help you get warranty requests if necessary.

We work with the best siding manufacturers to ensure that you can get an extensive choice of siding styles, materials, and sizes.

James Hardie Siding

Remember that sidings are exposed to the harsh elements of mother nature for many days, months, and years. The sun, rain, fire, and pests can damage the exterior of your house. Fortunately, James Hardie’s excellent products can withstand the test of time and still give your home an aesthetic look after many years.

LP SmartSide Siding

LP SmartSide provides engineered wood siding that offers excellent protection against wind, moisture, hail storm, termites, and fungal decay, among other things. If you want to have a durable siding for your house that can withstand the harsh elements of nature and the destructive power of termites and fungi, this is your siding of choice.

Our Siding Installation Process


We measure the sides, gables, and corners correctly to ensure that we provide the right amount of siding materials for your home.


We cross-check every material we need before starting any project, then deliver all the required materials to your home.


We treat your home as if it is our own. Hence, we proceed with extra caution to remove the old existing trim and siding from your home with care.


We install the siding materials professionally around your house. We ensure that our work area is clean and that all shaped spaces, edges, and corners fit together tightly.


We install all corner pieces and trim with extra care to make your home as beautiful as possible.


As soon as the installation is finished, we go the extra mile to inspect that all the siding and installation meet quality standards. Our installers can provide you with recommendations on maintaining your siding and answer any questions you may have regarding the project.

Are you ready to hire Elysian Contractors?

We have teams of competent siding installers to provide you with a beautiful job. Customer satisfaction is our guarantee. If you are interested in siding, roofing, and other services, visit our website now and check what we offer. We also provide storm damage repair and roofing in Minnesota. We make sure we use quality products and provide excellent customer service.