Minnesota Storm Damage: How to Spot a Storm Chaser

After a storm or natural disaster, a huge vacuum of demand is created of properties that need restoration work. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a crisis  may also brings out of state contractors and “Storm Chasers” that may attempt to take advantage of those who have already have experienced devastation.  The Better Business Bureau advises  homeowners affected by natural disasters to “beware of out-of-town contractors soliciting businesses.”  Although not all storm chasers are scammers, they may lack the proper licensing in Minnesota, offer quick fixes, or make big promises they can’t deliver.

Elysian is a local Minnesota company that has strong ties to the community. As homeowners ourselves, we have been through the process of finding, hiring and working with contractors and know how essential it is to work with a trustworthy,local Minnesota company.  We strongly encourage all homeowners to do their research before hiring a company.

Below Are Some Quick Tips on How to Spot a Storm Chaser

  • Do your research. Find businesses you can trust on bbb.org. Check references and their online reviews.
  • Get a Copy of their License. Check your state or provincial government agency responsible for registering and/or licensing contractors.
  • Resist high-pressure sales. Some storm chasers use tactics such as the “good deal” you’ll get only if you hire the contractor on the spot. Disaster victims should never feel forced to make a hasty decision or to choose an unknown contractor.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities. Check with your town or municipality to see what permits contractors need to work on your property. Check with your insurance company to make sure your liability insurance covers falls or injuries to contractors.
  • Don’t pay for the job in advance. Be wary of any contractor who demands full or the majority of payment upfront. A reputable company should accept a down payment prior to the job starts and final payment whent the job is finished. 
  • Always pay a company not an individual. 
  • Get a written contract.
  • Require a copy of their current certificate of insurance.

We understand that your roof is one of your most important investments to your home. It is important to take the extra effort to find the right professional local Minnesota Roofing contractor. We hope these Quick Tips will help you through the process of choosing a good quality Minnesota Company.