Storm damage is quite the frustrating thing to grapple with, and the worst part is that extreme weather can come when you least expect it. When it does, a common question people pose is how they can tell if their roof has storm damage and when they should consider consulting with a storm damage restoration specialist to fix their issues.

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How Do I Know If My Roof Needs a Storm Damage Restoration Professional?

When your home runs afoul of extreme weather, the first thing you should do is check to see if any damage has occurred as a result. Not just to your roof, but your whole house as well. Make sure that you do not rush to climb a ladder to inspect your roof; instead, try to get a good vantage point first. Sometimes, it is more obvious whether you have roof damage than other times. In these cases, the problem is easy to prescribe. One common type of damage comes in the form of missing shingles. This is relatively obvious, especially given that missing shingles may well show up in your yard. Other types of roof damage will be less obvious, though there are still signs to look out for. For example, following a rainstorm, you may experience leaks from your ceiling, indicating that there was damage to both the shingling and the roof underlayment.

What kinds of storms can affect my roof?

There are a number of storms that can cause some degree of damage to your roof and other parts of your property. Rainstorms are not going to be the most destructive form of storm damage you can experience, but all the same, they can come with other weather types that may cause damage. For example, windy conditions are not uncommon in rainstorms and are notorious for making you lose more than a few shingles, unfortunately. Rain may cause water damage as well, though, for your roof, the damage will only be in conjunction with preexisting damage or damage caused by something else in the storm. Be mindful of any standing water.

Hail is another threat to your roof, forming in thunderstorm clouds at temperatures of 32F and below. Depending on how big they are, they can do more damage with the larger chunks of hail that can go through solid objects. This can result in shingles coming loose, even if they were properly maintained. Shingles that managed to stay on may still need repair, however.

Snow is also a problem, so don’t assume that even the gentlest snowfalls may create an issue for your roof. For example, melted snow that refreezes can create an ice dam that traps snow, due in large part to poorly maintained shingles that cause the melted snow not to flow down the roof. This creates risk for your roof, as well as anyone who may be met by the snow falling all at once when the ice wall can no longer sustain it, potentially injuring or killing anyone who is caught underneath it.

Why do you need to call in a storm damage restoration specialist?

A specialist in storm damage restoration to roofs is a major asset at several points in the process. Obviously, you should not be so cavalier about the repair process if you do not have the necessary skill set required to do it correctly and safely. As such, you should have a trained specialist in charge of the process instead. The last thing you want to do is find yourself falling off of your ladder or the roof. Even if you do not end up hurting yourself, a lack of experience may result in you not properly fixing your roof, or worse, making the problem worse. But a specialist like this is useful for making the repairs and assessing what repairs may be needed. They are more experienced than most people, and thus, they can identify issues following a storm that you may not have recognized.

Should you meet with your insurance agent before or after calling in a storm damage restoration professional?

However, one complication that some have when contacting a specialist is whether they should get in touch with their insurance agent before they get in contact with a roofer. In most cases, the best approach to take is to talk to a roofer first. One of the best reasons to do this is because dealing with insurance can be a pretty big pain, and a roofer can make it that much less stressful due to their experience and skills with respect to working with insurance agencies. Not only that, but by working with a roofer right away, it means that you can have the damage assessed as soon as possible and, in turn, repaired as quickly as possible. If you allow the damage to persist for too long, this may result in the damage worsening or result in new damages forming. Insurance agencies have some degree of training in certain areas, but when you want someone to tell you what storm damage restoration is necessary for your roof, an expert in roofing is of the utmost importance. If you need a storm damage restoration expert, be sure to contact one at Elysian Construction as soon as possible.

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