As a property owner – whether a home or a business establishment – there are a couple of things that you should upgrade periodically; one of them is your roofing, as the materials get dilapidated over time due to age and weather. If you do not do something about it, this can result in further damage and entail a much greater cost. You don’t want that to happen.

We are here to become your partner in ensuring that your property maintains its good condition. For your roofing repair and replacement, you have to understand what matters and plan your renovations properly. The first step is assessing the overall situation of your upper exterior parts and deciding on which alternatives are practical and cost-effective.

This article offers you helpful facts to determine the typical signs that you need a new roof. You will also learn other relevant information, such as what can damage a roof and how to choose the best top for your property, to ensure that you’re doing the job more efficiently.  

Common Signs You Need a New Roof 

You can usually expect a roof to last between 25 to 50 years. But the lifespan may reduce depending on its quality, durability, and type of material chosen. Several other factors are also at play, including weather conditions in the area and some inevitable events that may damage the property. As an owner, you have to monitor your roofing to ensure that your property is in good condition and everyone is safe from any harm. Below are the common signs of why you need a new roof. 

Your Roof Has Cracked Shingles 

Strong winds are the most common cause of cracked shingles in the roof. Property owners don’t want to replace their whole roofing right away if there are only a few shingles to fix. In this case, the quick solution is replacing the damaged areas with new materials. However, if the cracked shingles are spread out randomly across the roof and not isolated to one or two places, it may indicate that the wind damage will continue. Once you notice these signs in your asphalt roofing shingles, you have to plan for the total replacement of your roof in the future. 

Bald Spots and Granules in the Gutter 

As you check your roofing, you should be particular about bald or dark spots on the area where the shingle granules or rough texture are falling off. This is a sign that the shingles are beginning to age. You might notice many of these granules starting to collect in the gutter, where they end up after being washed off by heavy rain. If these bald spots continue to increase in size, you seriously need to get the damaged shingles checked out and look at your roof as soon as possible. Further damage to your roofing may occur when you fail to do a roof inspection and make necessary fixing. 

Curling and Buckling Shingles 

One of the most apparent signs of needing a new roof is when the shingles begin to curl or buckle. Replacement of the old roof is necessary anytime soon in this case. There are mainly two kinds of curling that you should watch out for: (1) Clawing or when the shingle’s edges stay flat, but the middle starts to pop up, and (2) Cupping or when the edges of the area begin to curl upward. If either of these scenarios happens to your roof shingles, it only means that they are past their prime and need to be replaced immediately. Another way to check the condition of your shingles is bending the material; if it breaks or cracks, it’s probably time to replace it. 

Daylight Through the Roof Boards

When you look at your attic and see daylight coming through anywhere, you badly need to check your roofing’s condition. If sunlight can get through your roof, so can snow and rain. One possible reason for a leaky roof is the poor insulation, and you’re losing heat, resulting in higher energy consumption. You can fix roof leaks by checking the area around the spots for active leaks when it rains and consider replacement as soon as possible. It’s always important to act on the problem right away before it can result in further damage. 

Your Roof is Sagging 

If your roof is beginning to sag, you seriously need some fixing. This is usually the case for valleys and dips in the roof, where snow and rainwater collection may result in further damage. Often, this can be a sign of structural damage relating to the supports of the foundation and underlying roof deck in the attic. Before it makes things worse, you should check on it right away. There are foreseeable incidents if you don’t fix the matter immediately or call a professional to do the job for you. 

Certain Elements Start Growing on Your Roof 

Mould, algae, moss, and mildew are common elements that might grow on your roof. If they are not removed, they can shorten the lifespan of your materials. More often, they are increasing in damp environments and roofs with inadequate drainage. As a good practice, monitoring your roof regularly is essential to do cleaning and fixing whenever necessary. It is possible to maximize the use of your roof for a long time if you maintain the materials properly. So don’t forget to do your homework. 

Your Roof Begins to Rot 

Structural severe issues may arise if you don’t attend to your rotting roof immediately. The most common cause of roof rot is the prolonged exposure of the material to moisture, allowing the growth of fungus, which can deteriorate the overall condition of your roof. As a property owner, it is essential to identify the signs that your roof starts to rot. They usually include the following:

  • Torn flashing or missing shingles
  • Growth of mould in the attic
  • Water damage in the ceiling
  • Excessive growth of algae or moss
  • Sunken roof deck 

Possible Dangers of Delaying Roof Replacement 

When you notice clear signs of roof damage, doing necessary replacement as soon as possible might come into your mind. That’s the correct initiative to ensure safety and prevent further damage and cost. If you’re delaying this task, you are running the risk of losing more, which may include these possible dangers: 

Old Roofing Entails Liability Risk 

When the roof is old and weak, shingles might get blown and far more likely become an issue. For instance, during windy or stormy days, these materials might fall and harm other properties or persons nearby. As a property owner, you could be held liable for the injury or damage to property. You might also pay a new roofing 100% out of your pocket when the insurance company won’t cover the liability from such an accident. Likewise, when your roofing is past the manufacturer’s warranty, you may also lose the protection that the warranty could have provided, which may entail additional costs. 

Old Roofing May Create a Fire Hazard 

The worst thing could happen when you allow long-overdue roof replacement, as this could result in fire hazards. No property owner would ever wish that to happen because that might harm lives and assets. As such, you have to be very particular about electrical issues that may exist in your home’s wiring and come into contact with water due to a roof leak. Cables and outlets may get wet and have short circuits that could start a fire. Roofing and electrical inspections are essential to prevent any untoward incidents. 

Old Roofing May Invite Rodents and Vermin 

If your dilapidated roofing is not replaced immediately, there’s a possibility for rodents, insects, and other undesirable elements to find a way through it into your attic. Once this infestation gets started, it may be hard to stop later on. These unwanted guests can leave their feces and urine on the materials and damage the insulation that they are nesting in. It can eventually spread through the rest of the building. The best way to address this problem is to have new shingles and a complete roof makeover. The cost of replacement is much lower than having to fix all of the issues that such nuisances could bring to your whole property. 

Old Roofing May Reduce Energy Efficiency 

Poor roofing tends to reduce the roof’s ability to hold heat during the winter. When the heat rises, it could mean that the property’s ceiling significantly impacts its overall energy efficiency. Having quality shingles is the quick fix, but what lies below them should also be considered – your roof deck. The moisture may have been trapped between the materials and caused the wood to rot, mould, and warp. Due to deterioration, energy control may be reduced as a consequence. Before you pay higher bills, it is essential to check how your roofing affects your energy consumption. You might discover some issues that need fixing. 

Old Roofing May Result in Premature Roof Failure

Serious accidents may result from roof collapse during storms and other bad weather conditions. When it happens, you might be paying for the cost of damage. Before it’s too late, you have to avoid long-delayed roof replacement that could result in premature roof failure. The rafters and roof decking are already damaged without you knowing it because the shingles did not offer adequate protection. The costs of repairing all that damaged roof structure could be much higher than replacing it on time. So you might as well do regular monitoring and make an appropriate plan accordingly.

Remember This! 

Roof repair and replacement could be a hard decision to make. Since it’s significant home maintenance, you have to ensure that your roofing needs an immediate upgrade, whether partly or totally. But keep in mind that the costs and risks of delaying roof replacement too long may be much greater than the necessary cost of complete roof replacement.  

How to Select the Best Roof for Your Property 

Ironically, some property owners fall into the pattern of replacing their existing roof with a new version of the material. They don’t look further and check other options that are best under the given considerations. This could result in experiencing the same problem all over again. To avoid this dilemma and ensure that you can make proper upgrades in your roofing, consider the following criteria: 

Weather Barrier 

Certain roofs are most suited to the kind of weather conditions in a given place. That’s why manufacturers also consider this factor in making the products. Yet, the weather is also a barrier between the homeowner and nature, so it’s critical to choose a material that can withstand climate conditions. Keep in mind that there are materials that may provide better protection than other alternatives.

Roof Appearance

Aesthetics or how your property will look like when the roofing is installed is a crucial factor to consider. You can decide whether it’s inviting for clients or guests, which seriously matters for some affairs. Mainly, you have to ensure that the colour, texture, and type of roofing material are compatible with your property’s exterior finish and architectural style. In other words, you have to choose a material that’s consistent with the design vernacular of your home. 

Longevity and Durability 

It’s given that you want the roofing of your house to last longer as much as possible. This can reduce the cost of property maintenance. That is why checking the quality of materials is very important. Usually, this has something to do with pricing. The higher the quality of the product, the more costly it is. You have to weigh between buying a cheap roof that may not last very long or having quality items that could be cost-effective in the long run. It’s a simple choice if you know your priorities. Likewise, you have to check the product warranty and understand the coverage period. 

Cost of Roofing 

A new roof can be relatively affordable or unbelievably expensive, depending on your choice. You have to set your priorities accordingly as a buyer. Having specific criteria is essential as you look for roof products in the market. Make sure that your chosen provider is reliable, too. If you’re buying that for a large project or innovation, talking to a professional roofing contractor may be necessary to make a good choice. Likewise, it would help if you remembered that the complexity, height, and steepness of a roof could affect labour costs. You can try the ELYSIAN COMMERCIAL ROOFING APPROACH that’s proven reliable in the industry today. 

Where to Buy Quality Roofs?  

Practically speaking, choosing a reputable company for your roofing needs means that you go beyond the cost of the products. You have to put some premium on the quality and other roofing features that might suit your needs and preferences. There are many companies that you can do business with for this purpose. But not all your choices offer practical advantages like Elysian Construction has.

Our company understands the cares and concerns of every property owner when it comes to roofing. We know very well that strong commercial roof and exterior projects against severe weather conditions are a priority for any business owner. Likewise, a healthy roof is a good investment as it adds value to your property and can save more money in potential damage and repair costs.

Elysian Construction is dedicated to working with the clients, meeting their roofing goals, and exceeding their expectations of product quality and customer service. When you start working with us, you are guaranteed high-level satisfaction that you can enjoy for 30 to 50 years and beyond. We hope to develop a strong partnership with you. Rest assured that we’re only giving the best in the industry. Contact us today!