Minnesota weather is harsh, especially in the winter. Temperatures frequently drop below freezing, snowfall happens more often than not, and ice accumulates wherever there’s an open surface. Intense cold fronts and demanding weather puts a strain on your home, creating a lot of roofing challenges for homeowners. The brutal weather will destroy anything in its path, which is why you need to make sure your roof is in good condition.

Some of the challenges of roofing in Minnesota included cracked or broken shingles, built-up snow, ice dams, blocked vents, and leaks.

Cracked or Broken Singles

The strong winds and freezing temperatures can create vulnerabilities for your shingles. Don’t let cracked or broken shingles over-expose your home to the elements. Make sure you’re repairing any shingle damage to avoid costly or uncomfortable repercussions.

Built-Up Snow

Winter means snow and in Minnesota, there’s lots of it. If there is too much built-up snow on your roof, it can lead to structural damage or even a complete or partial collapse. If you notice any sagging, cracking, or large piles of snow on your roof, get it removed and have your roof inspected.

Ice Dams

In addition to built-up snow, ice dams are commonly found on the surrounding edges of your roof. They formulate when snow starts to melt and the water accumulates around the edges, near the gutters, and then re-freezes. Ice dams are extremely dangerous to you, your family, or anyone walking near your home. Make sure you get an inspection to address the dams and ensure that your home’s ventilation is working well.

Blocked Vents and Leaks

Snow, ice, or debris can block the vents that help your home and attic circulate air. When the air can’t circulate, ventilation and insulation is reduced, which leads to problems. You might also notice unexpected leaks from the excessive wetness that winter can bring. Most commonly, they’re due to flashing damage. Contact a professional if you notice any leaks or increased energy costs—a common sign of poor ventilation.

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