As many Minnesotans know from firsthand experience, high winds can result in damage to your roof. Unfortunately, Minnesota sees its fair share of extreme weather, from wind storms to tornados to hail storms. You might think that roof damage would be easily noticeable, but you may need to look closely to identify all the damage. Thankfully, insurance companies often cover repair costs. However, even if you aren’t going out of pocket, you still want to make sure you hire an experienced Minnesota storm damage restoration company. Read on to learn more about how high winds can damage your roof and how you can deal with storm damage restoration.  

Do you Need a Storm Damage Inspection?

Wind Storms and Roof Damage

Minnesota is well-known for its wind storms, which are common in small prairie towns and even larger cities. Wind storms can cause roof damage in numerous ways. Most commonly, wind storms can rip shingles right off your roof. Even if the shingles on your roof are not entirely ripped off, they may be dislodged and will need replacing sooner than later. 

Wind storms can also cause damage by hurling debris into a roof. Depending on the strength of the wind storm, debris can range from pine cones to tree branches. Almost anything can damage a roof in a strong wind storm. 

Tornados Can Cause Extreme Roof Damage

Minnesota, like much of the Midwest, sees many tornados each year. Tornados can cause extensive damage. Tornados are similar to wind storms in that small objects can cause roof damage. However, tornados take this to an extreme. It is possible for an object as small as an acorn to crack a shingle if it is thrown by a tornado. Some homeowners give their roof a quick once over after a tornado and feel that they are in the clear if they do not see any apparent damage. However, tornados can cause hidden damage as well. Tornadoes can decimate a neighborhood or community but leave some homes as if nothing happened to them. If you are in the vicinity of a tornado, it is always wise to have a storm restoration company come out and take a look at your property for storm damage. 

Hail Storms and Storm Restoration

When Minnesotans think of extreme weather that causes roof damage, they likely think of hail storms first. Hail is quite common in the winter months in Minnesota. It can cause serious damage to anything exposed, from cars to roofs. As with the other extreme weather conditions that can cause roof damage, damage from hail storms is not always immediately evident. While some damage from hail will show as cracks in your roof’s shingles, hail can also cause hard-to-spot leaks. As with all the types of extreme weather mentioned in this article, you need to examine your roof closely afterward to ensure that it did not suffer any damage.

The Storm Damage May Not Be Obvious

It can be surprisingly hard to discover and pinpoint roof damage from high winds. Some damage, such as a dislodged shingle, is immediately evident. However, small cracks may only be visible upon close inspection.

It is best to have an inspection done by storm damage restoration professionals if you suspect your roof is damaged. Getting up on a roof can be quite dangerous without the proper training and equipment. Even if you can safely inspect your own roof, you may miss damage that a trained eye would notice immediately.  

Insurance Coverage for Roof Damage

 Repairing roof damage properly is not cheap. However, most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover roof damage that is caused by some kinds of extreme weather. Even if you aren’t sure whether your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover your storm damage, you can check with your insurance agent or reach out to a storm damage restoration company that can help guide you through the process. All mortgage lenders require homeowner’s carry insurance policies to protect their investments. Your contact at your insurance company can give you information about the specifics of your policy and how you can use it to cover the cost of storm damage restoration. 

Getting Roof Damage Repaired

Repairing roof damage requires the right tools and training, so It is generally not a good idea for you to attempt to repair roof damage yourself. DIY roof repairs can be dangerous, and you are unlikely to do as good of a job as a storm damage restoration professional would. Also, the amount you will have to pay a professional out of pocket is likely minimized due to your homeowner’s insurance policy.

When looking for a good storm damage restoration company, you may want to find one specializing in repairing roof damage caused by the weather. This type of repair job presents unique challenges that only experienced roofing professionals can handle effectively and safely.

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